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Removable braces as their name implies, are not permanently placed on the patient’s teeth – they can be removed from the mouth at any time without risk of structural damage. In addition to the convenience of use, removable orthodontic braces also provide effective treatment of selected malocclusions in children, and in some cases in adults.

Removable braces are developed using the method of digital orthodontics, which allows for a perfect fit to the individual needs of the patient, while providing him with a much greater comfort of treatment – during the diagnostic process it is no longer necessary to take impressions, as a precise image of the jaw structure is recorded by an electronic scanner.

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Removable braces-what are they?

Removable braces for teeth may, at first glance, resemble a combination of fixed braces and a prosthetic inlay. All this is because it is built on an acrylic mass forming a so-called plate, in which the elements that act on the teeth (metal wires and brackets) are fixed. Depending on the type of removable appliance, there may also be parts in its construction that increase the pressure on the teeth:

Screw – a component located more or less in the central part of the acrylic plate of the appliance; with its help it is possible to tighten the appliance on its own, at a time clearly determined by the orthodontist (for example, every 10 days) – to operate the screw the patient receives a special key, and the direction of rotation is marked with an arrow molded into the acrylic,
springs – also an “active” part of the braces, which, thanks to regular tightening, has a constant effect on the movement of teeth.

Removable orthodontic braces can be worn on the jaw, the mandible or both at the same time (removable bicuspid braces). The most important rule of thumb when the patient wears removable braces is to maintain a set period of active use of the design – effective results will come from wearing the braces systematically, for at least 14 hours a day – and preferably longer.

Rules related to wearing removable braces

In addition, for this type of braces, it is necessary to follow some of the most important rules:

  • for the time of eating it is necessary to remove the braces,
  • during physical activity the removable braces must be removed,
  • removable braces should always be placed on clean, washed teeth,
  • for cleaning removable braces do not use toothpaste – gray soap or special pastes for dentures will work here – when cleaning, the wires should be very carefully cleaned, as well as the place around the screw or spring,
  • when the appliance is not worn, it should be stored in a special container with holes – it should always be washed and dried with a tissue before insertion.

For fairly simple malocclusions, correction with orthodontic removable braces can take about two years. Usually, however, this time extends up to four years. At the same time, not every defect is suitable for leveling with this method of orthodontic treatment.

Removable braces for children

Undoubtedly, removable braces are recommended most for young patients who are still in the growth phase. The optimal age limit is considered to be between 4 and 13 years old. However, this does not mean that such braces cannot be used by teenagers as well – much depends on the malocclusion itself.

For young patients, gradual habituation to wearing removable braces is required. The orthodontist shows the child how to properly place the structure in the mouth and how to remove it so as not to damage the acrylic plate or brackets. During the adaptation period, the child should get used to speaking and swallowing properly while wearing the braces, after which it is advisable to be able to stand for about 2 hours without removing them. Only from this point on can the child also try to sleep with the braces in his mouth. During the day he continues to wear it for about up to 3 hours.

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Very importantly, a child should not wear a removable brace at school or during physical activities.This is because in the first case the device can be lost, and during sports there is a risk of both damaging the device and injuring the child himself.

The acrylic from which the plate for the brace structure is made can be colored in almost any way. Thus, the colors of removable braces are often very intense and personalized – this can make a big difference to the child and facilitate the adaptation process that accustoms him to wearing them regularly.

Removable braces for adults

Correction of malocclusion with removable braces in an adult is not impossible, but it will certainly be much more difficult and time-consuming. However, from experience, Patients are recommended to wear fixed braces in such a case (it will be the most effective solution for significant and deepened malocclusion).

However, if the Patient, for various reasons, prefers removable options, an orthodontic Aligners tray, individually developed and made in our center, may be a better solution.

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